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As you probably know, my name is James Whomsley. I started Project Air as a YouTube channel in 2017 to share the DIY aerospace projects I was working on. I hoped it would encourage others to try building their own things.


I've always been fascinated by engineering subjects. Despite the interest, I hadn't the mathematical or scientific skills to study technology professionally and so set myself down a more creative path - writing, video making, and creating content about technology. This led me to a place where I'm currently working for Flite Test  part-time (creating web content) and The Vintage Model Company as a Multimedia Producer.


I view Project Air as a fun thing I do to connect with other people and grow a community. I hope one day it will allow me to achieve some personal goals whilst benefiting the people who are kind enough to get onboard the journey with me. 



It's always nice to hear from people. If you'd like to get in touch, for biz' opportunities or simply to say hello, write in these boxes and click submit. 

What did you study?

I have a degree History - yep, nothing related to aerospace, videography or creative stuff, but it was still helpful. I studied from 2014-17 and had a truly awesome time. 


How is the channel funded?

It is currently all self-funded. Hopefully, we can change this in the future to make bigger, more ambitious projects a reality.


What software do you use for design?

Adobe Illustrator mostly. Fusion 360 for 3D modelling.


What foam board do you use? 

I use Flite Test Foam as well as white UK foam board you can get through Amazon. Just search for 5mm A1 foam board. It's heavier than the FT foam but is still great. It's actually much more durable and longlasting too but, unfortunately, isn't waterproof. 


Can you make plans available for your aircraft designs?

Yep! I've started trying to design everything on CAD recently so I can a) provide plans to you for free and b) take advantage of things like 3D printing and laser cutting. 


What camera gear do you use?

A Cam - Panasonic GH5 

B Cam - Sony A6000

currently also have an old GoPro 3 for onboard shots.

What is your job?

I work for the Vintage Model Company doing marketing, video making, social media and some design work.


Thanks for all the questions recently! I really appreciate people showing the interest.